Seraphon Skink Priest

20 Jun 2017

I’ve finished painting a quick Skink Priest for my Seraphon army.

Nothing too fancy with this guy, just a nice little feather gradient, some gold jewelry, and a custom-ish base. I’ve decided on a palette of emerald/gold/white to signify my heroes. Normal schmucks just get pink shields to tie them together.

Unfortunately, I over-primed this model. If you look closely you can see the bubbling paint on the feathers, and a distinct lack of feather-like texture as well. Definitely over-primed! Oh well, on a small piece like this, you’re not going to notice at a distance.

I’m happy with the general color scheme (picked by my girlfriend Amanda, who is infinitely better with color theory than I am). On my next Skink model, I will be very careful to not over-prime it.

Next up is a unit of Kroxigors, a Bastiladon, and three Terradon Riders. A lot of work!