Building an LED Hula Hoop From Scratch

  • Posted on: 26 November 2016
  • By: davis

I'll save you a read if you don't care about details. Long story short - buy yourself a quality hoop from Hyperion. Save yourself the trouble of doing this, because frankly, the results we obtained were not that impressive. We spent around $800 in materials by the end of this project and ended up with a heavy, bulky, large, cumbersome hoop that broke after 10 minutes. Seriously - just get a good hoop from a pro.

Our final result, starring my girlfriend Amanda:


It broke shortly after this video. We tried to make a wireless one after this, but didn't have much luck. I eventually said screw it and bought a professional hoop for Amanda.

Here are some shots of when we were building it.

Matt and I measuring LED's... and drinking.

Matt is a whiz with hardware. I just hold things and ask dumb questions.

Working on the code:


Parts List


You can see the code we used on Github - I'm warning you, this is bad code.

It's an assimilation of a bunch of LED scripts we (pengii23 and I) found floating around by other people who had attempted making a hula hoop.

It's really, really bad to go back and read this stuff.

You've been warned.

Yup, really. On the plus side - look at that video up top! Lovely.

The moral of this article: Don't do it yourself. Buy one from Hyperion. Seriously. You'll love it, and it won't suck like the one you'll build.