Using Disqus? You Don't Need Akismet

  • Posted on: 21 January 2015
  • By: davis

I was messing with some plugins, and decided to run the P3 Performance Profiler Plugin. Much to my surprise, I noticed that Akismet was sucking up a huge amount of time, and causing pages to render 2-3 seconds slower.

That is unacceptable - and what's worse is that it wasn't necessary.

Akismet comes installed by default on every Wordpress installation. It is the anti-spam plugin for most websites on the Internet.

When our company decided to switch to Disqus's comment system, I left Akismet enabled, figuring that it probably still protected me from contact form abuse. Honestly, I wasn't sure if Disqus or Akismet was checking for spam.

Disqus maintains their own spam-fighting filters. There is absolutely no need to leave Akismet enabled.

What's worse is that Akismet is not only rendered useless by Disqus, but it's also a resource hog.

  Akismet Enabled Akismet Disabled
Site 1 with akismet without akismet
Site 2 with akismet without akismet