Creating A New Article With Solodev

  • Posted on: 3 November 2014
  • By: davis

This article will teach you to create and publish a post in Solodev. 

1.) Head to the Solodev website and log in with your credentials. You should be greeted with a pane similar to this one: 

2.) Expand the "Data Center" directory and then "Articles." Click on the Articles link (with the red/green box).

3.) Click "Add Entry" This will take you to a typical WYSIWYG text editor.

4.) Write your article, and then turn your attention to the options in the right-hand pane. The scheduling options allow you to specify a timespan that the post will be active for. You will not need to set a stop-date on most articles.

5.) Assign your article to a category. Browse the categories and check the box when you're ready to file the article under that heading.

  • IMPORTANT: If an article is not assigned a category, it will not show up on the website/front page!
  • Always assign a category when publishing a post for the public.

6.) At the bottom of your post, you will need to modify a couple of options.

Background Image: Only upload a background image if you're posting the story to the front page. This image will be displayed as your story's thumbnail on the front page. 

  • Click "Choose File"
  • Select a file from your computer or a local folder
  • Upload the image
  • Known Issue: Cannot choose an image from existing server files. I will be working on this. For now, just be aware you need to upload from your computer.

Top Story: Checking this box will promote the post to the front page. (Make sure you've assigned the article a category as well!)

Member Tier: Modify this selection if you want to restrict access to the content.

7.) Once you're done, hit "Save" Your post will be published instantly!


  • Articles will not be given preview links until they are saved.
  • Articles are only placed on the public website if they are given a category.