Wife Kills Husband via Drone: Headline of the Future

  • Posted on: 12 March 2015
  • By: davis

When will the first U.S. civilian be killed for domestic reasons by a drone?

Of course, the U.S. government has already dealt with the qualms of assassinating U.S. citizens overseas via drone. 

But as drones become more ubiquitous by the day, when will we see the first real negative domestic effects of this technology?

The White House, presumably well defended, had a quadcopter recently land within its walls. There were no ill intentions involved. Just a simple misunderstanding.

What happens when people start killing each other with these things? 

To be clear - I am not suggesting this in a panicking "Ohmygod we've got to ban these things" manner. I think it's inevitable. People kill people with all sorts of tools.

Why not nimble, camera-equipped, remotely controlled quadcopters?

Remember when Kasparov was interrupted by a flying penis?

What happens when someone straps a crude explosive device to one of these things? 

Hell, I dream of strapping Roman Candles to my own little chopper, just for the hell of it. I don't have any plans on killing people, but I do plan on putting explosives on a toy helicopter. 

Again, drones killing people is not new. Our government is good at doing it (if you define good as killing lots of people).

Our government is REALLY good at encouraging new ways to blow people up. It's practically built in to our national heritage. We will fuck you up better than any other country because we're the best at it.

Smells like a start-up idea. I give the United States two years before someone publicly uses a drone to murder someone.


Right after writing this, I saw this idea on HPMOR​

Quadcopters armed with anti-mosquito lasers, especially if the same system is adaptable to target wasps/hornets/etcetera and other pests.

Now that's an idea