IL2 1946 Full Mission Builder Tips

  • Posted on: 12 August 2015
  • By: davis

Making Gliders Work | Rotating Objects

1. Set the glider behind the tow craft. Just the one waypoint. Use the "set" function to attach the glider to the towplane. Use GAttack waypoint for the towplane to release the glider. Make sure there is somewhere flat for the glider to land 2-5K (IIRC) from the GATtack point. Some time ago one of the patches apparently made the gliders more difficult to use.

2. You can rotate any object by selecting it, then pressing 1,3,4,6,7, or 9 on the keypad. (make sure NumLock is enabled). By default 1 & 3 rotate the object 30 degrees, 4 & 6 rotate15 degrees and 7 & 9 rotate 5 degrees. If these are not suitable they can be changed in the "conf.ini" file. The entries are under "[HotKey builder]". (Always save your current conf.ini file first or at least write down the defaults). I have changed my 7 & 9 to 3 degrees as some hard coded objects such as railroads and roads are not aligned to default angles. 
To get a "bird's eye view" you can press "Enter" and get a 3D or "freeview" while rotating or moving objects. Use the left mouse button to move in or out from the selected object. Move the mouse to pan.

- -HH- BeeBop (link)

Kamikaze | Parking Planes | AI Torpedo Logic | Skip Bombing

1. A zero with 2x60kg bomb crashing into a DD (or bigger) will make it smoke, but not sink. Other settings will work, but this does (not kamikaze, either, they fly around first for that if possible to set up atatck).

Place zero 70m alt above rear of DD and behind a plane length or 2 I made the firts waypoint gattack to have him drop the bombs (not sure if they "counted" otherwise in a non-kamikaze attack). Speed lowest possible. Set 2d waypoint on ship 0 alt, lowest speed. I turned on "radio silence" and unchecked parachute. They spawn in, drop bombs, and crash. Smoked all DDs without sinking them, along with the USN CA. Useful for making pre-damaged ships. I'm working on what will damage but not sink a merchant.

2. You can "park" a Val anyplace on map, even in revetments. Select Val (or any fixed gear plane)and set loadout to default or empty if you don;t want tail gunner to shoot---no bombs! Make 2 waypoints. Turn waypoint 1 to "takeoff", then back to "normalfly". Set alt to 4-5 m. Second waypoint set minimal speed, and alt slightly below 1st waypoint. Place it a plane length plus out in front. Val will spawn with nose slightly down (draw line between alts at 1st and 2d waypoints to get the idea) and prop will hit grouns as it bounces and bend. Plane will now stay parked (with bent prop).

3. AI torp planes will try for a specific angle attack at the bow of a ship. If the ship is turning they will circle around to get proper angles (needs more testing, but it seems this way so far). To get a ship to "comb" a torpedo attack, set gattack for torp planes without target set, and coordinate with the turn. Takes a lot of checking in the FMB to get right, but looks neat when it works.

4. Getting AI to skip bomb. select a flight of 1 plane only. Set waypoints for good speed, 350 plus is good, and at low alt (15m+ will clear a merchant). Set gattack without target more than a couple hundred meters away from target. next waypoint I usually climb the bomber a little. Tweak for hit without blowing up the bomber (alt and speed and next waypoint all make a difference. 

The planes specifically designed to make skip bombing attacks are actually harder (A-20,G, B-25G/H). If you set gattack, they do a pop-up climb a little past the waypoint before gattack, then do a glide-bomb attack at low level. You must follow the same rules for the other bombers, but place a regular waypoint a few plane lengths before the gattack. the bomber will pop-up, but drop before it climbs much. I have these guys drop a little farther out because they toss the bomb up a little. I also hjave them come in lower. For all of them, the lower they drop, the closer the drop, higher alt means it takes longer for the first skip, and you need to drop farther (skipping slows the bomb which is the only way AI with no-delay fuses can live).

- Extreme_One (link)

Deleting Objects

I always suspected that, when deleting objects in the FMB, once you delete an object the game marks the next object in the list within the mission file. In other words, if you happen to delete object number 999, I thought the next object to be automatically selected would be number 1000 in its corresponding section in the mission file.

It turns out the mission builder jumps to the object closest to the mouse cursor at the moment you decide to delete a selected object.

So, here's the tip:

When having to delete numerous objects placed around other ones you want to keep,

1. Mark an object to delete
2. BEFORE pressing 'Delete' place the cursor close to the NEXT object you want deleted
3. Press 'Delete' and the next object to be marked/selected will be the one chosen in 2.
4. Etc. etc.

- Greybeast (link)

This thread is terrific for tips in general.