How I got the Shittalk Generator to 80kb pagesize

  • Posted on: 30 March 2016
  • By: davis

Lesson #1: Probably shouldn't have named it Shittalk Generator. It's hard to tell your family what it is. "Well... it's a script to shittalk people". Maybe I would have named it the Trash Talk Generator, in restrospect

You can track the actual commits I made on Github, you'll see the progression in pagesize.

Here are some notes:

Minify HTML (http://www.willpeavy.com/minifier/)

IL2 1946 Full Mission Builder Tips

  • Posted on: 12 August 2015
  • By: davis

Making Gliders Work | Rotating Objects

1. Set the glider behind the tow craft. Just the one waypoint. Use the "set" function to attach the glider to the towplane. Use GAttack waypoint for the towplane to release the glider. Make sure there is somewhere flat for the glider to land 2-5K (IIRC) from the GATtack point. Some time ago one of the patches apparently made the gliders more difficult to use.

Fixing a Slow Site, in Real Time

  • Posted on: 23 January 2015
  • By: davis

Due to other responsibilities popping up, I haven't been able to devote much time to optimizing americanlibertypac.com. As such, the performance has taken a hit due to heavy use, frequent experimentation, and the usual reasons for performance degradation. 

Anyways, I logged the experience. Follow along as we fix a website.

Important benchmarks to note before heading down the rabbit hole. This table is my initial measurement of the site.

Workaround For Affiliate Links In SmartFocus

  • Posted on: 8 January 2015
  • By: davis

SmartFocus allows you to upload pictures and give them a description. More robust sytems typically would allow us to attach a permanent link to this image, but SmartFocus's system doesn't allow for it. Instead, we're using a simple but clunky workaround.

When we paste an affiliate ad in our messages, we need to ensure the correct tracking ID is attached to the image. This allows our sponsors (and us!) to track user engagement. It is vital that these links are correct to ensure the integrity of our data!