Lessons from my father

27 Apr 2017

If an issue is repeatable, it’s fixable.

If you can’t see the symptom, it’s hard to do anything.

Walk away from a problem and do something else. You’ll figure it out then.

The car doesn’t care that it can’t move. Only you do.

Diagnosing a problem correctly is rewarding.

The only thing more rewarding is correctly predicting the solution from a distance.

If there isn’t an aftermarket part available, that part probably isn’t the issue.

The more aftermarket options are available, the less reliable that part is.

If a task is simple, no one makes a Youtube video for it.

If a task is very difficult, no one makes a Youtube video for it.

You don’t pay for a mechanic’s labor. You pay for physical application of his prior experience.

It either works or it doesn’t.