Magnetized Seraphon Stegadon/Engine of the Gods Build

31 Jan 2019

Here are some pictures of my newly created (and thoroughly magnetized) Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Seraphon Stegadon/Engine of the Gods model.

Saurus Stegadon - Sixteen Magnets of Fun

This miniature boasts sixteen magnets.

  • Four 1x1mm neodymium magnets for the mountable flamethrowers
  • Twelve 2x1mm neodymium magnets:
    • Two on the base to hold the spare Alpha/Priest
    • Two per Alpha/Priest (feet)
    • Two in the skink’s contraption to hold the active Alpha/Priest
    • Two in the Stegadon’s back, to switch between:
      • Decorative headpiece (used with flamethrowers)
      • Crossbow

The model can be converted between three configurations using magnets:

  1. Stegadon - with Flamethrowers
  2. Stegadon - with Crossbow
  3. Engine of the Gods

By adding magnets all over the model, I was able to achieve a dual-function model, something I’m quite proud of.

Saurus Stegadon - Color Scheme by Amanda Killingsworth Saurus Stegadon Saurus Stegadon
Saurus Stegadon
Guinness for scale, of course.
Saurus Stegadon
Six skinks steer Stegadon, semi-successfully.
Saurus Stegadon Saurus Stegadon

End Result

This was my first time magnetizing a model. I learned a lot. I’m writing this blog mostly as a way to recap what I’ve learned.

Lessons Learned

  • Use eBay to buy magnets. Amazon is not great.
  • Use a hand drill, not a powered drill, for more precision.
  • Don’t be afraid to use green stuff liberally to fill in your mistakes
  • 1x1mm magnets are not strong enough to hold much weight
  • 2x1mm magnets, on the other hand, are perfectly strong enough for most applications
  • Stick your magnets together and mark the ends with a sharpie.
  • Never trust your previous markings - always test the magnet polarity before affixing them.
    • I learned this multiple times.
  • Magnetizing things is fun!

Here are some pictures from the build:

Priming the model.
Drilling a shallow hole for my 1x1mm magnets.
1x1mm magnets are used for the flamethrowers. In retrospect, I would have used a 2x1mm here.
I drill about 2mm deep into the plastic with my hand drill, and then add a dab of superglue. I then place a small ball of green stuff in the drilled hole, and place the magnet on top of it. This method lets you angle and adjust the magnet - keep it flush!
2x1mm magnets are used everywhere else on the model.
The crossbow magnets - now 2x1mm!
Crossbow test fit. The Stegadon back originally featured two 1x1mm magnets - but they couldn't hold the crossbow in place. I had to dig them back out and replace them with 2x1mm.
Early test fit - everyone aboard! I had to make sure my models didn't end up blocking each other with all of the various configurations.

I can’t wait to use this guy in an upcoming battle. Being able to alternate between model types will be awesome for future replayability.

While the model technically is lacking an Engine, I’ve made up for that with lore! You see, the Engine on this particular model broke down many years ago and was discarded. The mighty Skink Priest was so clever and determined to succeed that he managed to channel the spirit of the Engine through himself.

So, the Skink Priest == Engine, on this model. Don’t think too much about it.