Introducing Age of Sigmar Reminders App

17 May 2019

I just developed a nifty online tool that might help you guys with Seraphon battles in the future. As a Seraphon player, I was always stressed that I was forgetting to do things in the right phase.

So, I developed AoS Reminders. It only has Seraphon for now . I will probably add Sylvaneth next.

Check it out here ->

Basically, you add your units, battalions, and artifacts, and you will get an ordered list of what abilities to use during which phase. It’s pretty specific - for example, if you add Ripperdactyls, it will remind you to place a Bloat Toad on Turn One - Hero Phase.

Please give it a whirl and let me know if you enjoy it! I would LOVE some feedback and critiques! I am looking to expand this to other armies eventually, but figured my own Seraphon (of which I have over 4k points worth :p) would be a good start.

Here’s a look at the UI:

AoS Reminders Beta UI

P.S. it is print-friendly! When you hit print, all of the fancy UI elements are stripped out and you get a list like so:

AoS Reminders Beta Print Format

This was developed using React/TypeScript, for those who might care about such things. :) Check out the code here: Github

Feel free to fork it and add your own army! I will gladly accept contributions.