Fix for Screen Tearing in Chromium on Raspberry Pi

28 May 2020

If you’re noticing screen tearing, stuttering, and generally unpleasant performance in Chromium on Raspberry Pi, here’s a fix I found for it.

Step 1 - Enable Hardware Acceleration

You’re going to want to launch Chromium with the use-gl flag set to egl.

This lets us use OpenGL ES, which will strongly improve Chromium’s rendering performance on the Pi.

# Launch Chromium with the use-gl flag which enables hardware acceleration
/usr/bin/chromium-browser --use-gl=egl

Once you’ve launched Chromium with the above flag, navigate to about:gpu to check your results.

Step 2 - Disable xcompmgr composition manager

Next, we’re going to disable the xcompmgr composition manager.

# Open configuration prompt
sudo raspi-config

Navigate to Advanced Options -> Compositor -> xcompmgr composition manager -> Choose “No”


That should resolve most issues! I still noticed a tiny bit of screen tear on certain translate3d CSS animations, but the difference is night and day after applying these tweaks!