My First NFTs - Generated Word Art

20 Sep 2021

I’ve got a lot of feelings about NFTs, mainly that I believe they are currently in a bubble that’s about to spectacularly implode.

But nonetheless, since I am a long-standing fan of cryptocurrency and all of the wonderful and wild ideas that pour out from it, it’d be a poor form to not create and mint at least a few pieces of generative art on the Ethereum blockchain!

These pieces of art are are created using classic texts, Python, Natural Language Processing, and a healthy dose of creativity.

Each sentence of a book or document is broken down and saved as the sum of the contained words - e.g. the sentence “This is a wonderful day” will be saved with a value of 5.

The Path will move in a given direction for that length (5 units), and then turn 90 degrees to the left. And so on, and so forth, for every single sentence in a book, paper, text, etc.

Any time you see a long unbroken sentence, you can be sure the author has been letting their thoughts (and pen) wander.

The Path can also reflect when certain keywords appear in the text- for example, we can highlight any sentences containing the word “liberty” in the U.S. Constitution, or the word “forgiveness” in the Bible.

Tools used: Python with NLP Toolkit